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Cogs for Progress; A rethink on progress in the workplace

I was recently looking at a YouTube video with my son about how machines work. The video explained that if one of the clogs in a machine is faulting or doesn't quite fit in with the other two then all the cogs become useless no matter how well they could potentially 'turn'. Thinking about this in relation to women in the workplace I realized the in order for woman, and more specifically mothers, to progress along the talent pipeline we need three main cogs to be oiled up and

The #Motherload - how planning ahead of time helped me avoid holiday overwhelm.

In early December I wrote a blog about making sure we don't forget about ourselves this time of year and a recent video I saw by Paloma Faith really brought the message home to me. While the festive season is not over I think I have successfully managed to navigate the seasonal #motherload, without getting sick once, a major achievement for me. I really wanted to share how I've made it work. As I mentioned in early December I made an active decision over 2018 to replace a foc