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How to shift the dial at work to reduce the inclusion gap

On an individual level it can probably feel quite daunting to think about what contribution you can make to shift the dial towards inclusive decision making (IDM). In reality there are quite a few things we could all do on a day to day basis that will cumulatively have a big impact. I've listed below some of the main shifts that I've found most useful;

  • Join an internal affinity group. These groups come in many forms and can be focused on gender, parenting, LGBTQ(AI), minorities, etc... The most important thing is to find the group that you feel best represents you and get involved. These volunteer run groups are always in need of more hands on deck and by getting involved you are able to help set their future agenda to include a focus on IDM. 


The more affinity associations within your organisation that highlight IDM as an important issue the more likely it is that the issue will be discussed at board level

  • Be a manager for-runner. Your actions could be as simple as actively recruiting for inclusivity and making sure all colleagues are heard when decisions are made. At a higher level you can also become an advocate sharing with your manager the benefits of IDM and highlight your willingness to trial ways to improve team IDM.  


If you are a manager then now is your opportunity to be willing to 'walk the walk' and not just 'talk the talk'.


  • Be a colleague for-runner. All staff can take moment to Pause, Reflect and Check, especially in relation to unconscious bias. The process allows you to Pause to recognize your own potential bias, Reflect on how this might be impacting your behavior and then Check what you might need to change going forward. As a colleague you can also help all voices be heard during meetings by encouraging     others to share their views.


Most importantly you should also be willing to be an advocate of 'calling-out' behavior which is reducing IDM.

The above list is not conclusive but I hope it sparks a growth mindset for you in relation to IDM and shows how we each of us can contribute to closing our companies inclusivity gap.

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