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UK Flexible Working Resources

Please find below some of the best free resources on Flexible Working I have found on the web.

For many of us the move to from full time to flexible working usually comes at a time when you have a change in your circumstances; the birth of your first or second child, the ailing health of an elderly parent, the move to a new location making commuting more challenging.


Whatever the change that led to your need for flexibility it's important that you have the right resources to help you during a period of time that is already quite stressful. The Diversity Puzzle aims to provide you with a place to go to for accurate and helpful resources to help you understand your choices, what would be right for your role and how to improve your work-life balance.

This list is not conclusive so please do keep me posted for new sources of information as you find them. 

We can't solve the flexibility puzzle alone so let's all work together.

Click on the logo to be taken to the relevant UK website flexible working resource page.

From the Chartered Management Institute some of the best written articles and blogs as well as their own research on flexible working.

TimeWise Jobs do a great series of blogs on how to ask for flexible working and some of the key barriers you may face and how to overcome them.

This government website is great for so many things including knowing basic rights and obligations in relation to flexible working for both you and your employer.

A great resource for all things related to being a working family but most importantly the most up to date information on flexible working policies and best practice implementation.

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UK Flexible Working Petitions

Campaign to petition the U.K. Government to provide a clear timetable for action to make all jobs flexible from day one.

In the U.K. less than 10% of all jobs are advertised with any kind of flexibility. As a result millions are excluded from the workforce. Aside from the social and moral implications, the U.K. has a labour productivity shortfall which is addressed by making all jobs open to flexibility.


The Government task force is a start and next year’s review of the right to request flexible work, but there must be more pressure and possibly legislation brought to bear on British businesses to resolve the face millions are excluded from contributing to the U.K. workforce.

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