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Workplace Agility Toolkit


In order to achieve a world class workforce IHS Markit is committed to developing and sustaining a diverse and innovative workforce. At the same time we are looking to develop world class managers capable of managing colleagues in a variety of ways, to help all colleagues succeed. Workplace Agility is an important tool to support colleague productivity and engagement while also allows for efficient space utilization.

The Workplace Agility Toolkit is designed to help manager and colleague understand the different types of workplace agility available, their benefits and parameters, and help all staff members can successfully manage agility.

About Workplace agility

Workplace Agility is an important tool to improve drive innovation, increased gender diversity, pro-actively colleagues to fulfill their life goals while maintaining a fulfilling career.

There are a range of agile working arrangements available at IHS Markit.


Find out about the options available and access our agile working toolkit.


See how your colleague optimize their performance at IHS Markit through agility


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