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Benchmarked Employers and Best Practice

The great news about being interested in flexible working right now is that two companies have done allot of the hard work for you. TimeWise and Working Families are two amazing UK organizations that not only provide great advice on flexible working, and some recruitment tools, they also work hard to benchmark UK organisations, provide examples of best practice and highlight some great role models. While both are mainly focused on improving the lot of the working parent their benchmarking and advice is invaluable whatever your circumstances.

It is important to note that both organisations are in effect employer membership communities so they only benchmark/highlight their members, which can mean that some SME's and NGO's who may in fact be undertaking best practice may not be represented as they haven't signed up. Also many corporations are not members but that does not mean they are not undertaking best practice. 

Another membership organisation that is valuable to know about is City Parents. This London centric membership organisation is open to both employees and employers with the focus on finding a work life balance while progressing a corporate career. Even if your employer does not sign up you can still access their high quality forums and speaker events at a relatively modest cost by becoming a free employee member. They also provide a low cost mentoring service for parents looking to maintain a progressive corporate career.

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Working Families Top Employers for Working Families

This membership organisation benchmarks their members against best practice is flexible and agile working policies and practice. They they seek to highlight the best of the best as well as providing feedback to member organisation on how they could better support working families including importantly improving their flexible working policies and practice.

TimeWise Power 50 List

The aim of the TimeWise Power 50 list, which has been running for six years, is to showcase how flexible working 'works' in the real world through both real life case studies and also best practice employers. The 50 role models most importantly are happy to identify the company that they work for as well as their work pattern and the impact flexibility has had on their work-life balance.

City Parents

Cityparents is an inclusive network for City professionals who have a shared interest in balancing home/family life with a progressive career. We have over 13,000 members in London representing the law, banking/finance, management consultancy, human resources and accountancy. You don't need to be a parent to join - our community is open to everyone interested in having a progressive career and a home life too. 

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