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What is Workplace Agility?


In order to achieve a world class workforce we are committed to developing and sustaining a diverse and innovative group of colleagues.  Agile working is an important tool to promote a culture that correctly managed performance can be delivered in a variety of ways. Colleagues and managers are able to optimize the benefits of agility, supported by a culture of inclusive working practices and agile technology.









IHS Markit supports a range of agile working arrangements, in addition to allowing ad hoc flexibility to meet unexpected/one-off personal situations. Any workplace agility request should first start with an exploratory conversation with your line manager to determine the type, availability and formality required. It is important that any arrangement should have a positive or neutral impact on your team and stakeholders - please see our Toolkit for more information on this.

The IHS Markit principles of Agile Working include;

  • Each request will be evaluation on its own merit.

  • The agile working pattern is suitable for your role, team and stakeholder engagement (please see our Toolkit for further support).

  • Staff performance should be measured by quantitative and qualitative performance metrics rather than the location and hours they work.

  • Careers of more agile workers should not be penalized, with progress based on business need, performance and skills.

  • Regular reviews of arrangements are important to ensure that they are still working for both the colleague and IHS Markit.

IHS Markit supports five main ways of working;

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